Want Baby Formula Coupons?

Learn the Do's and Don'ts and Save on other Items Too

Remember when the only things you needed to get the most out of your coupons were a pair of scissors and a Sunday paper?

The explosion of the online coupon market (expecially for formula coupons) can be as exciting as it is overwhelming for today's parent. With an endless wave of deals thrown your way by the minute, how in the world can you be sure you are really getting the best deals for you and your family?

We know you may be interested in more than just a baby formula coupon, so we sought out some advice from some of the very best in deal-focused mom bloggers on the web to find out how to save with style. Here's what we found out…

Did you know that coupons could be saving you up to 50% on each grocery trip? Deal Seeking Mom (www.DealSeekingMom.com) does. You would think that, as a married mother of five kids under the age of eight, this “momtrepeneur” might have her hands full already, but it doesn't stop her from continually reaching out to her more than 100,000 subscribers, whom she provides with countless deals every day.

First, she advises to know your lingo. The quantity and the kinds of deals out there are enough to make anyone's head spin. So she offers this helpful coupon lingo cheat sheet that we found really helpful!

So with literally millions of coupons just a click away, how in the world are you supposed to figure out where to find the best ones?

Here is a simple way to start. Go to the sites of all your favorite retailers and subscribe to their deal-based newsletters. Sure it might make your inbox a little more full but it can also fill your pantry without emptying your wallet. For starters, we like www.targetsavers.com!

Here are a few sites we like to do just that:

We recently saw a great post by the good moms at coolmompicks in which they test drove six of the most popular sites and offered their reviews. Check it out here.

OK, so now you know the language, you think you are ready to go out there and start saving? Well, before we turn you loose on the live shopping world, we thought we'd turn to noted consumer expert and frequent Fox News contributor Andrea Woroch for a few key do's and don'ts:

DO play by the rules. Couponing isn't too complicated and common sense should get you by in most cases. Rules vary store to store, so if you're planning to use a large amount of coupons, it helps to brush up on coupon policies before you shop. This includes making sure you're buying the item the coupon is intended for and checking to see if they'll accept expired coupons or not.

DON'T clear the shelf. In the eyes of casual shoppers, clearing entire shelves of popular sale items crosses the line between couponing and hoarding. If you really want to stock up on certain products, try making multiple trips or call ahead and ask a manager if they'll set aside an order for you.

DO be organized before you check out. It's a nightmare for cashiers and people waiting in line when you hand over a haphazard pile of miscellaneous coupons. It'll be much appreciated if you clip them before hand and make sure they're all facing the same direction. Also, remember to remove coupons for products you didn't end up buying. If you are using mobile coupons, have them ready on your smartphone for the cashier to scan.

DON'T shop during the busiest times. The stress level of those waiting in line during peak times is high enough. Using dozens of coupons takes time and will only irritate other shoppers. Instead, go shopping when business is slow. It takes the pressure off to complete the transaction as quickly as possible for both you and the cashier.

DO be polite to the cashier and fellow customers. Sure, you might have some knowledge other customers and even clerks don't, but it's no excuse to treat others like they're beneath you. If a cashier isn't familiar with coupon policies, stay calm and ask to speak with a supervisor. They're much more helpful if you don't lose your cool. When your cart is overflowing, give those behind you a heads up that you'll be using coupons. If someone is waiting with just a loaf of bread and gallon of milk, let them cut ahead.

DON'T steal coupons! A growing trend turning the tide against couponers is theft. Newspapers and newspaper subscribers are increasingly finding coupon inserts stolen. This is a big no-no and can get you into some serious trouble. Many people will willingly part with their unused inserts if you ask nicely.

So… good luck out there…and happy saving!

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