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Switching Formula

Switching formula brands – either from one name brand formula to another or switching from a name brand to a store brand formula – is safe. In fact, a new study by a University of Virginia research team proved that infants did not have tolerance issues when switched from one brand of formula to another. The clinical study also demonstrated switching gradually is not advantageous versus immediately switching formula.

Store brands, which are often perceived as discount formulas, provide the same complete nutrition as big brand names found in retail and baby supply stores. See for yourself by comparing the ingredients listed on the labels and ask your pediatrician about switching to store brand formula.

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Coupons for Formula vs. Free Samples for Baby

We introduced this site to share important infant nutrition information and to make coupons available online. We hope coupons and sweepstakes ease the financial burden of feeding your baby during this important first year. There are several reasons why we decided to offer coupons instead of free baby formula samples:

  • Coupons for formula are beneficial because they are downloadable, printable, and can be used immediately at your preferred retailer.
  • Free samples for baby formula are never immediately available and require several weeks time for delivery.
  • We would rather give away two cases of free baby formula instead of a small sample.
  • Store brand formulas do not participate in hospital sampling programs.

While Store brands offer tremendous savings, they shouldn’t be regarded as discount formulas. Store brand formulas meet federal nutritional standards and are just as good as big brand names, yet cost less because formula samples are not available and very little is spent on advertising.

Why would you want to pay more when the facts are clear and proven? We pass the savings along to parents because we do not supply hospitals with formula samples or spend money on brand marketing.

A Safe Choice

According to medical researchers, switching baby formulas:

  • Is safe and tolerable
  • Can be done gradually or immediately

Sign up for an infant formula coupon today and make the switch for your baby. We are proud to offer coupons for baby formula from participating stores and believe that our formula, which is manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility, will be well tolerated by your baby. After all, store brand formulas have been well tolerated by millions of babies and continue to help parents provide quality, affordable nutrition to their precious little ones.

Need More Reasons?

Are you still unsure about making the switch? Consult with your pediatrician today and call someone at our company with your questions. Our toll-free telephone number is 800-272-5095.

Thank you.

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