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Baby Formula FAQs - Store Brand Formula

Here are some frequently asked questions about store brand baby formula.

Q. What does Perrigo Nutritionals make?

Today, Perrigo Nutritionals manufactures infant formula products in an ISO 9001:2015-certified, infant formula-manufacturing facility.

Perrigo Nutritionals is the largest supplier of store-brand infant formulas producing 50 formulas, found in 47 retailers and more than 30,000 retail locations in the United States, including major retailers such as Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, Kroger, CVS and Walgreens.

In addition to infant formulas, Perrigo Nutritionals also distributes store brand baby foods and nutritious toddler snacks, pediatric and adult nutritional beverages, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Store brand formulas meet the exacting standards of the FDA as outlined in the Infant Formula Act of 1980

Q. Why should consumers feel confident buying a store brand infant formula?

Perrigo Nutritionals manufactures infant formula products in the only International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008-certified, infant formula-manufacturing facilities in the United States, assuring that the highest quality management systems are adhered to.

Store brand formulas meet the exacting standards of the FDA as outlined in the Infant Formula Act of 1980, yet cost up to 50% less* than brand name formulas. Store brand formulas also meet the nutritional levels recommended by the U.S. National Academy of Science-National Research Council and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the largest organization of pediatricians dedicated to the health and well-being of infants and children.

Just like Enfamil® and Similac®, store brand formulas provide complete nutrition for growing babies and meet FDA requirements for safety, nutrition and quality. Store brand formulas are easy to digest and contain key ingredients found in mother's milk to support a healthy baby's growth and development. Including ingredients such as:

  • Calcium for the development of strong bones
  • DHA & ARA which may support brain and eye development
  • Prebiotics for natural immune system support

And these formulas save families up to $8.00 or more per can; over your baby's first year that savings can add up to about $500*.

Q. What are the differences in store brand infant formula from a name-brand formula?

Price (About ten dollars). All formulas must meet the same nutritional criteria. Perrigo Nutritionals makes formulas that provide exactly the same nutritional value as the brand name comparison. Side-by-side comparisons reveal little, if any difference in the nutrient levels or ingredient listings for comparable formulas.

Q. How can store brand formulas cost so much less, but still offer the same level of nutrition?

National brand manufacturers know that purchasing infant formula is a complex, emotional decision. So they spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing every year trying to attract new moms. They use expensive tactics like television advertising and direct mail to get “high value” coupons and samples into mom's hands, before she even gives birth. National brand manufacturers know that if I mom initiates formula feeding with their brand, moms get mentally “hooked” on these expensive products. All of these marketing costs are ultimately reflected in their retail prices.

Perrigo Nutritionals doesn't spend a lot of money on marketing. The majority of our expenses are the ingredients and the quality built into our manufacturing process. We know that moms are smart. When a mom discovers that store brand formulas are just as nutritious as national brands, but cost a lot less, she tells her friends. That's why store brands have grown faster than national brands for the last five years in a row.

Store brand formulas are just as nutritious as national brands, but cost a lot less,

Q. Are all of the store brand formulations the same across retailers?

Perrigo Nutritionals offers 50 different infant nutrition formulas to 47 retailers, in more than 30,000 retail locations in the United States and around the world, as well as online at sites such as While the offerings and store brand name vary by retailer, the formulations are manufactured to consistent quality standards for each category.

Q. What websites can I direct consumers to for more information?

Please visit or for more information.

Q. How much can buying store brand infant formulas save parents a year?

Perrigo Nutritionals infant nutrition formulas retail between $13.00 - $15.00 per can, compared to the national brands' infant formulas that retail for $21.00 - $26.00 per can.

Assuming an infant from birth to 12 months goes through approximately one can per week that would add up to:

For Perrigo Nutritionals Infant Formulas

  • 1 can/week x 52 weeks/year = $676.00 – $780.00/year

For National Brand Name Infant Formulas

  • 1 can/week x 52 weeks/year = $1,092 - $1,352/year

Potential cost savings by buying a store brand formula over brand name:
$416.00 to $676.00*

Enfamil®, Enfamil® Infant, and Gentlease® are registered trademarks of Mead Johnson & Co. Similac®, Advance®, and Similac Sensitive® are registered trademarks of Abbott Laboratories. Store brand infant formulas are not made by or affiliated with Mead Johnson & Co., Abbott Laboratories.

* Retail prices are from a October 2017 retail price survey of national retail stores. Actual prices and savings may vary by store and location.

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