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New Survey Reveals Ongoing Pandemic Hits Moms Hard Emotionally and Financially

This past year, many young moms struggled to balance the increased demands of childcare with isolation, work, financial stress and more. Moms are often the keeper of their families’ emotional well-being, but how has the ongoing pandemic taken its toll on moms of babies and toddlers one year later?

A new study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Store Brand Infant Formula examined the incredible financial and emotional impact the pandemic has had on moms. The nationwide survey involved 2,022 moms of babies and children under two years of age. Not surprisingly, 68 percent of moms surveyed stated 2020 was the most stressful year they have ever experienced.

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2020 pandemic survey highlights
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DHA in Infant Formula

Store brand infant formulas contain the latest innovations in infant nutrition. These include ingredients that are not required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but are present in formulas because they occur naturally in breast milk. These innovations—which are found in nationally advertised formulas (Enfamil® and Similac®) and store brand formulas— include DHA, ARA, choline, lutein, nucleotides, and prebiotics.

Store brand formulas compare to the nutrition of Enfamil®, and have the same expert-recommended amount of DHA as Enfamil®.

Learn more about DHA and store brand infant formulas.

Photo of Store brand formulas compare to the nutrition of Enfamil® have the same expert-recommended amount of DHA.
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We've put together a book with tips and tricks for new parents. This downloadable e-book is full of articles written by pediatricians and other experts about baby formula, as well as other aspects of being a new parent.

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