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Why choose store brand baby formulas?

Quality is everything for those mothers who have decided to use infant formulas. But it's an outdated myth that brand name formulas are of higher quality.

Store brand infant formulas meet the nutritional and quality standards established by the FDA, as with all infant formulas. They also meet the nutritional levels recommended by the AAP.

Store brand infant formulas are manufactured Perrigo Nutritionals, the largest global supplier of store brand/private-label infant formula in the world. The company is working with AAP to increase health educational awareness around infant nutrition and infant feeding options. Request a free tear pad and $20 infant formula rebate for each of your patients today.

The focus of this educational effort centers on AAP's educational resource, The website offers pediatrician-approved health information and advice for parents and caregivers, along with interactive tools and personalized content.

It's What's Inside that Counts

Assuming that an infant from birth to 12 months goes through one can (or plastic tub package) a week, the savings could add up to $600 a year.* That's more disposable income for baby products parents shouldn't skimp on for safety reasons, such as cribs, car seats, and strollers. Plus they'll need that extra money on immediate necessities, like diapers.

It's not the label on the outside of the package that counts, but the high-quality nutrition on the inside. And you can help parents understand the difference.

Store brand infant formulas compare to the nutrition of national brands. They provide complete nutrition, quality, and safety. And with a savings of $600 a year, parents can give their babies other nice things as well.

Store Brand Infant Formulas:

  • Provide complete nutrition for baby's first year
  • Meet all FDA nutritional standards
  • Adhere to AAP guidelines
  • Offer a wide range of advanced formulations to meet babies' specific needs
  • Cost up to 50%* less than comparable national brands

More Physicians Are Recommending Store Brand Formula

When it comes to feeding babies formula, more pediatricians are informing new moms that store brand infant formulas have all the nutrition their children need, just like the national brands. According to a report from Source Health Analytics, the share of weekly recommendations made by pediatricians for store brand formulas increased by 42% in the second quarter of 2013.**

Can growing families afford not to know? That's why we want to help you educate your patients with informational brochures along with special offers for your patients. Simply fill out this form to request any of the following:

  • Tear pad with a $20 Rebate Offer
  • Patient education brochures with a $2 baby formula coupon
  • Patient education brochure holder with 25 brochures

Physician recommendations are increasing for one good reason: a comparison of store brand infant formulas to name brands demonstrates the only significant difference is cost.

Switching Formula is Safe and Well Tolerated by Infants

Pediatricians often advise their patients that switching formula is safe, regardless of brand. A recent “Switch Study” conducted by medical researchers at the University of Virginia demonstrated the safety of switching from name brand to store brand formulas. There were no tolerance issues observed among the infants involved in the study, and the researchers learned that switching immediately or gradually made no difference.

You can access an abstract of the clinical study in a tab on the left-hand side of this page. For more information on store brand formula, you can access a well written article in a peer-reviewed journal by clicking on the following link:

A Comprehensive Overview of Store Brand Infant Formula

* Based on October 2017 survey of average store brand formula prices. Actual prices and savings may vary by store and location.
**Data on file. Perrigo Nutritionals 2013.

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