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Store Brand Soy Formula

Store Brand Soy Baby Formula

Compare to the Nutrition of Similac® Soy Isomil® & Enfamil® ProSobee®

  • For Fussiness & Gas
  • Lactose-Free Formula
  • DHA, Choline, Lutein & Vitamin E
  • Growth: Brain and Eye Development
  • Clinically Proven to be as well tolerated as Similac® & Enfamil®

Soy Formula with GROWTH

Soy protein offers a vegetarian-based alternative to the milk proteins commonly found in most baby formulas. So while most infants are perfectly fine consuming milk based proteins, for some soy protein is preferred as recommended by a pediatrician. Soy baby formula provides the same complete amount of nutrition to cover infant health needs but does not contain cow's milk protein and lactose, a sugar that is found in cow's milk. Store brand formula's soy based infant formula contains nutrients such as ARA and DHA to support eye and brain development in babies, just like milk-based formulas.

Store brand soy provides complete nutrition for your baby's first year. Designed to be more like breast milk, this soy-based formula contains GROWTH, a blend of nutrients for brain and eye development: DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E. These nutrients are found in breast milk:

  • DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an omega-3 fatty acid fat that supports mental and visual development
  • Lutein is a naturally occurring carotenoid and antioxidant that is concentrated in the eye
  • Vitamin E is a nutrient that plays a role in healthy cellular development

In addition, store brand soy contains prebiotics to support your baby's immune system and digestive health. It also is formulated with antioxidant vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, C, E, and Zinc for immune support.

Store brand soy contains prebiotics to support your baby's immune system and digestive health

A Vegetarian Protein Source that is Easy to Digest

Protein-rich soybeans have been used in human dietary regimens for centuries. Our soy formula is formulated with lactose-free soy-protein isolate nutrients that are easy to digest. Like milk based store brands produced by Perrigo Nutritionals, the soy based powder formula is manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities and meets the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

According to the AAP,* a number of clinical studies on soy baby formula have documented normal growth and development in term infants. In addition, the average energy intakes babies fed soy protein formulas are equivalent to those achieved with milk infant formulas.

Product Quality and Affordable Healthcare

Our FDA-inspected facilities focuse on domestic and international regulatory compliance and food safety. The facility maintains numerous certifications, including good manufacturing practices, which qualify it as a cGMP facility. With a manufacturing heritage that dates back to Wyeth over three decades, our factory also meets stringent ISO guidelines and is certified by QAI to manufacture organic formulas (organic milk and organic soy formula) compliant with USDA regulations. In line with its commitment to quality, affordable healthcare, Perrigo Nutritionals was the first formula company to become fully compliant with the Safe Quality Food Program (SQF-Level 3).

With a soy protein source, babies can develop and grow just like babies fed cow's milk formulas, only soy protein isolate is the protein source for nutritional needs. Moreover, like all store brands, store brand soy baby formula typically saves moms and dads up $600 a year** versus more pricey national brands such as Enfamil® ProSobee® and Isomil® Advance® baby formulas.

Our soy formula is formulated with lactose-free soy-protein isolate nutrients that are easy to digest
Store Brand Soy Similac® Soy Isomil®* Enfamil® ProSobee®*
Nutrients/100 Cal.
Protein g 2.45 2.45 2.5
Fat g 5.46 5.46 5.3
Carbohydrate g 10.4 10.4 10.6
Water g 133 141 133
Linoleic Acid mg 860 1000 800
Vitamin A IU 300 300 300
Vitamin D IU 75 60 60
Vitamin E IU 1.5 1.5 2
Vitamin K mcg 11 11 9
Vitamin B1 mcg 63 63 80
Vitamin B2 mcg 95 95 90
Vitamin B6 mcg 63 63 60
Vitamin B12 mcg 0.47 0.47 0.3
Niacin mcg 1400 1400 1000
Folic Acid mcg 16 16 16
Pantothenic Acid mcg 750 780 500
Biotin mcg 4.7 4.7 3
Vitamin C mg 9 9 12
Choline mg 12 24 24
Inositol mg 5 5 6
Calcium mg 110 110 105
Phosphorus mg 75 79 69
Magnesium mg 7.9 7.9 8
Iron mg 1.8 1.9 1.8
Zinc mg 0.79 0.79 1.2
Manganese mcg 25 25 25
Copper mcg 79 79 75
Iodine mcg 16 16 15
Selenium mcg 2.0 2 2.8
Sodium mg 44 46 36
Potassium mg 110 110 120
Chloride mg 65 65 80

† Product nutrient values and ingredients are subject to change. Please see product label for current information.

Enfamil® and ProSobee® are registered trademarks of Mead Johnson & Co. Similac® and Isomil® are registered trademarks of Abbott Laboratories. Store brand soy-based infant formulas are neither made by nor affiliated with Mead Johnson or Abbott Laboratories.

*Studied before the addition of prebiotics.

**Comparison based on October 2017 price survey of store brand soy infant formula vs. Similac® Soy Isolmil® and Enfamil® ProSobee®. Actual prices may vary by store location and product.

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