How to Prepare Formula

Health authorities recommend the following steps when preparing baby formula and infant feeding in order to maintain safe feeding practices:

  • Boil new bottles and nipples for five minutes before using them the first time. Also, wash them for one minute in hot, soapy water after each use.
  • Wash hands before preparing formula and before feeding the baby to avoid contamination.
  • When opening a can of formula, clean the lid and the can opener of dust or soil.
  • Follow preparation instructions on the product label to ensure the formula is prepared properly.
  • Discard previously chilled bottles of formula if left out of a cooler or refrigerator for more than an hour.
  • Discard any excess liquid in baby bottles to help avoid the growth of bacteria found in baby saliva.
  • Never feed infant formula that has expired or formula from a dented container.
  • Never heat infant formula or bottled breast milk in the microwave.
  • Buy formula only from reputable retailers and not from on-line auctions or flea markets.


  • Always wash your hands.
  • Read and follow the preparation instructions on the formula label.
  • Use opened or prepared formula within the timeframes outlined on the container.
  • Ask questions. Your pediatrician and formula manufacturer are there to help answer any questions that you may have.
  • Purchase formula from reputable retailers.


  • Never heat your baby's bottle in the microwave.
  • Don't prepare formula using a blender.
  • Don't use expired formula.
  • Remember to check the container for the expiration date.

Source: Infant Nutrition Council of America

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