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Baby Formula Reviews on The Daily Buzz

This Daily Buzz television segment includes baby formula reviews with consumer products expert Sandra Gordon on "store brand infant formulas" like Walmart's Parent's Choice Infant Formula and Sam's Club's Simply Right Infant Formula. Store brands are manufactured in the USA by Perrigo Nutritionals in FDA-inspected facilities and offer complete nutrition just like the more expensive brands.

How to Spend Smarter

The costs of having a baby can really add up fast. Second-time moms have the penny pinching down to a science. We have the details here on how to spend smarter.

“Hello my name is Sandra Gordon, and I am here today to talk to you about being a second-time mom and how to save money if you’re a first-time mom by learning from more experienced moms.

New parents tend to overspend on clothes, which I don’t really recommend. Even registering for baby clothes is a mistake because they are the number one new-parent gift. So let the clothes come to you naturally from family and friends. When your baby has grown out of these first little – and often free – outfits, don’t overspend on brand-name clothing because your little one will outgrow them sooner than you’ll realize.

Second-time moms also know there is great value in store brands. Breast milk is best for babies, but since most moms use baby formula at some point, you should use store brand infant formula. All infant formula brands in the United States are regulated by the federal government and have to meet the same safety and quality standards. This means store brand formula must meet the same nutritional and quality criterion.

Second-time moms also embrace store brand diapers and store brand wipes. Diapers and wipes aren’t regulated by the federal government, so you may want to try them at different stores, find the ones you like, and stick with those. For more information and coupons for baby formula, go to”

About The Daily Buzz

The Daily Buzz is a syndicated morning news program that airs in more than 175 television markets across the United States. Every morning the show delivers fresh news, weather and the latest social media and entertainment trends.

The “Best Baby Formula Brands” Rated by, a leading consumer reviews and product rankings website, ranked store brand infant formulas, as voted by product reviewers on the website, among the highest by parents versus more expensive national brands. Nearly 5,000 best baby formula reviews are listed on the site, which includes approximately 77 baby formulas and 19 formula brands in ongoing rankings. Take a look for yourselves and see how the top formula brands – which include store brands – rank against one another.

Today’s savvy shoppers know that it pays to buy store brands instead of national-brand products, especially when it comes to infant nutrition. The savings from filling your cart with house brands, which are created by chain and specialty retailers for their stores, can reduce your grocery bill by one-third. From food to personal care products, most everything today has a store-brand version that more and more moms are buying.

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