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A recent study found that 69 percent of moms worry about their baby getting the right nutrition or infant formula.1 Find out why that's 69 percent too many.

Good news. Choosing an infant formula doesn't need to be stressful. Of course you want the "right" nutrition for your baby. But, you're not alone. Every mom wants the assurance that the formula she chooses will be nutritious and safe. That's why every formula has to meet the same strict guidelines set by the FDA.

The FDA regulates two main aspects of infant formula:

  • Nutritional Content – The FDA enforces minimum (and sometimes maximum) levels of more than 25 different vitamins and minerals. These regulations ensure that all formulas provide the required nutritional content to promote growth and development.
  • Manufacturing – The FDA performs unannounced audits of all infant formula manufacturing facilities every year. These inspections ensure that the formula is produced to the highest quality standards.
Choosing an infant formula doesn't need to be stressful

Plus – here's a fun fact: while every infant formula manufacturing facility gets audited by the FDA, our store brand facilities get audited by whole host of additional interested parties:

  • Government Agencies – In addition to the FDA, we're audited by state and foreign governments like:
  • Retailers – The retailers who entrust their names to the formulas we make want to make sure that consumers are satisfied with their purchase. So they employ Quality Assurance Auditors to inspect our facilities.
  • Independent Quality Companies – We maintain two independent quality certifications: Safe Quality Foods Institute (SQF 2000 Level 3) and International Organization for Standards (ISO-9001:2015).
  • Product Certifications – Several of our infant formulas are manufactured for specific consumer groups. Each certification comes with another outside auditing company, such as:
You can relax and choose a store brand formulas with confidence

All in all – our manufacturing facilities are audited by outsiders 30 times a year. Plus, our formulas are routinely sent to independent testing agencies like STR Quality.

So, you can relax and choose store brand formulas with confidence. (With the money you save, you could treat yourself to a spa day.)

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