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The number and names of baby formula brands—along with free sample offers and coupons for formula—advertised on-line and in-store, can overwhelm any new parent. The Internet and social media exacerbate the situation in an unprecedented age of accessible information. Today's moms and dads are likely to read reams of articles on baby products or advice on how to care for their babies. They often compare and rely on expert reports and consumer reviews to give them confidence they are making the right choices.

When it comes to formula for babies, however, many parents have a difficult time navigating the constant barrage of messages people face every day. Buying formula is an intensely emotional decision—and one the makers of large baby formula brands have capitalized on.

Store brand infant formulas meet FDA standards, just like the nationally advertised formula brands. Our infant formula-manufacturing facilities are located in Vermont and Ohio, U.S.A. Our dairy ingredients are sourced from leading dairy markets, including the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

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Store brand formula is nutrionally comparable to advertised formula brands.

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Survey of Moms Reveals Pressure to Buy Brands

A national study of more than 1,900 moms conducted by Kelton Research revealed that new moms often make decisions based on guilt rather than practicality, even when it is clearly proven that high-profile brands offer no clear benefits over other far less expensive options. A major reason for this is the overwhelming, often confusing, and anxiety-producing array of advertising and promotional messages hitting moms from seemingly every direction, inspiring a complicated array of emotions.

The Kelton study also found that 85 percent of moms are far more tuned into ads related to babies or pregnancy than those with any other subject matter. This increased attention to advertising can produce emotional stress. According to Nielsen data, nearly $700 million was spent on advertising baby formula brands and other baby products in recent years. No wonder new parents have a difficult time navigating the various formula options they encounter on the web and on the shelves of their favorite stores!

New Survey: Majority of Pediatricians Say Formula Brands Don't Matter

A new nationwide survey of more than 250 pediatricians found that 97 percent of pediatricians say infant feeding is one of the top three categories new moms and dads ask about. The majority of pediatricians (71 percent) say all infant formulas as regulated by the FDA are the same, including store brand formulas, which cost a fraction of the higher priced baby formula brands.

Although 66 percent of pediatricians admit "What formula do you recommend?" is one of their top feeding questions, and 59 percent of pediatricians distribute free formula samples in their offices, the majority say they're not recommending that brand specifically and are simply giving samples to moms because they have them to give away. Learn more about the new survey, which was conducted by SERMO, the largest online network exclusively for physicians.

Find Your Formula

Perrigo Nutritionals is the largest supplier of store brand formula in the world. Our FDA-inspected facilities manufacture powder infant formulas that are sold under the "store brand" labels of leading retailers across the globe, including Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, Kroger, and more. Store brand formula is clinically proven to support growth and development, just like advertised formula brands. But that's enough about us…let's talk about you.

We take into account that every mom's journey with her child is unique. Our philosophy is to support you no matter what your decision is when it comes to infant formula. We are here to provide you with the right information and support no matter what type of infant feeding decision you make. We recognize and agree that breast feeding is recommended by healthcare professionals and know that infant formula is the only safe alternative supported by the medical community.

We want to provide you with numerous options – from organic formula to low lactose formula varieties. There are different types of formula on the market today, and it can get confusing. In the end, there's no one size fits all approach when it comes to infant feeding. There's no magic formula. It's up to you, mom, and to a certain extent, your pediatrician, to decide what's best for you and your baby.

That's why we want you to find your formula

  • For feeding: We have answers to your most common questions and can help you along the way in your early motherhood journey.
  • For savings: The words “save” and “new family” can seem incompatible, but we do our part to help you. Our infant formula meets FDA standards, yet costs up to 50 percent less than nationally advertised brand-name formulas.* We have a range of formulas depending on the needs of your child, and offer coupons for formula and special promotions for added savings.
  • For support: We understand that friends and peers are your greatest resource, but know that we have experts in the field of nutrition, child rearing, and savings should you need them.

Ask Your Doctor About Retailer Store Brand Infant Formulas

Our formulas have been well tolerated by millions of infants and are trusted by moms around the world. Now more than ever, more doctors are informing new moms that store brand infant formulas have all the nutrition their children need, just like the nationally advertised brands. Find out more »

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We don't spend a lot on brand marketing and advertising, and we don't provide free formula samples to hospitals. This keeps our costs down and everybody wins, with the savings ultimately passed along to you.

Thanks to federal regulations, there is no "best" when it comes to formula, which is why "generic baby formula" literally does not exist in the United States. In other words, less expensive doesn't mean you've selected a cheap formula at a discount; it means you've done your homework and know the truth about nutrition and the Infant Formula Act.

So, the main difference between store brands and name brands is price. And that equals real savings and more disposable income for necessities like diapers and daycare – but also fun things like toys, or that cute little outfit in Aisle 2.

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