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New survey finds infant feeding tops list of questions new parents ask pediatricians.

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We created this site to help parents like you navigate the advertising and store shelves in your search for the top baby formula brands or best formula for newborns on the market today. Quality means everything but it’s an outdated myth that brand-name formulas are higher quality. Find out more »

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Store Brand vs. Name Brand

Store Brand Formula is nutrionally comparable to name brand infant formula.

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The same quality formula now comes in mom-friendly plastic tubs.

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Retailers are offering their customer their own store brand formulas.

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You can save up to $600 per year by switching to store brand baby formula.*

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Ask Your Doctor About Retailer Store Brand Infant Formulas

Our formulas have been well tolerated by millions of infants and are trusted by moms around the world. Now more than ever, more doctors are informing new moms that Store Brand Infant Formulas have all the nutrition their children need, just like the nationally advertised brands. Find out more »

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Store brand powder infant formulas are manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities Vermont-based by Perrigo Nutritionals, the largest supplier of store brands in the global infant formula market today. We don’t spend a lot on brand marketing and advertising, and we don’t provide baby formula samples to hospitals. This keeps our costs down and everybody wins, with the savings ultimately passed along to you.

Searching for Cheap Baby Formulas for Newborns 0-3 Months?

Thanks to federal regulations, there is no “best” when it comes to formula, which is why “generic baby formula” literally does not exist in the United States. In other words, less expensive doesn’t mean you’ve selected a discount/cheap formula; it means you’ve done your homework and know the truth about nutrition and the Infant Formula Act. The main difference between store brands and name brands is price. And that equals real savings and more disposable income for necessities like diapers and daycare – but also fun things like toys, or that cute little outfit in Aisle 2.

Baby Formula Coupons

If you need more information on our formulas for infants and newborns, please contact one of our team members. Please call toll-free 800-272-5095. Some participating retailers also offer coupons for baby formula. Sign up today »

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